Candidate enhancers based on DNase and H3K27ac signals

DNase hypersensitivity and histone modification H3K27ac are well-known indicators of enhancer function. We have developed an unsupervised method that combines DNase and H3K27ac signals in the same cell type to predict enhancer-like regions. When tested on mouse transgenic assays, our method shows higher accuracy than DNase and H3K27ac individually. We have applied this method to 47 human cell types and 14 mouse cell types with both DNase and H3K27ac data generated by the ENCODE and Roadmap Epigenomic consortia. For cell and tissues types with only H3K27ac or DNase data, we rank the peaks using the available data and make predictions of enhancer-like regions. You can query these enhancers by genomic locations, nearby genes, or SNPs, and visualize them in the UCSC and WashU genome browsers. read more...

Search Enhancer-like Regions (v3)

Examples: gene, SNP (ex. rs27106747), genomic region, or peak rank

  Download candidate enhancers computed using DNase and H3K27ac signals for cell types below (genome wide)
Tissue of origin Cell Type Biosample  e11.5  e14.5  p0
brain tissue forebrain
brain tissue hindbrain
brain tissue midbrain
embryonic structure tissue embryonic facial
embryonic structure tissue neural tube
limb tissue limb
lung tissue lung